Help Your Kids Learn All Summer Long

School may be out, but learning is still in.  The library has launched its 2015 Summer Reading Program, offering kids and teens a way to have fun all summer long and be ready for school this fall. 

Studies show that kids who read regularly during summer vacation keep up or even move ahead in school, while ones who don’t often slide backward. Research confirms that students who don’t read during the summer lose about two months of reading progress and fall behind academically.  It’s called the summer slide. 

This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is Every Hero Has a Story.  The library is offering all kinds of fun learning activities throughout the summer, including art classes,  visits from the Hands On Children’s Museum and Reptile Man Scott Peterson, teen writing classes, movies and more. 

We encourage kids to try to read or be read to each day.  For every five hours of reading, participants select a free prize book provided by the Friends of the Jefferson County Library.  Teen readers choose a free book for every ten hours they read.  In addition to great programs at the library we have also partnered with the YMCA to offer classes and events in Quilcene this summer. 

The library is here to help families integrate books and literacy into their summer and their daily lives.  


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We Can Bring the Library to You

The Library offers a home delivery service for county residents who are unable to visit the Library due to age, disability or illness. This unique service helps us extend our services beyond the Library’s four walls. 

Library staff work closely with HomeLibrary patrons to identify the library resources they are most interested in.  This may include books, audio books, videos, or music CDs.  Library materials are then selected and delivered by library staff to the patron’s home.  Items are selected based on patron requests and preferences, and are delivered once a month on Wednesdays.

Staff can also assist patrons with setting up their devices so they can download titles from our free e-book collection through the Washington Anytime Library.  

Services like these can be lifeline for citizens who are shut in.  Many users of home delivery services are longtime library patrons, who, through no fault of their own, can no longer visit the library.  This service restores that connection. 

This free, personalized service is available to residents of the unincorporated area of Jefferson County, those who live outside Port Townsend City limits.  To inquire about HomeLibrary Service or for more information, call the library or click here to enroll online.

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Trustee Vacancy Filled Welcome Ellen Hargis

The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees recently conducted a search to fill the vacancy left when Trustee Marilyn Mitchell completed her second five-year term in March, 2015. Marilyn was a terrific asset to the board and the years she dedicated to serving the library are deeply appreciated. 

The Trustees sought someone who has an interest in public libraries, knowledge of public finance, sound judgment, a knowledge of or an interest in non-profit fundraising, an ability to work cooperatively with others and a commitment to public service. 

Ellen Hargis was appointed by the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners to serve a five year term and attended her first board meeting on April 8, 2015. 

For information about the Trustees, please contact Library Director Meredith Wagner by email or by calling 360-385-6544.

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Reading is Good For You

Did you know reading is good for you? The National Reading Campaign of Canada released a study proving just that.  The study found that, on average, people who read have better physical and mental health.

Reading for as little as six minutes per day can reduce stress by 60%, slow your heartbeat and ease muscle tension. 

Do yourself a favor -  read every day!  Learn more.

Meredith Wagner
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Living in the Newly Remodeled Library

It’s time to report to you about some of the cool (and hot) realities of our newly remodeled space.

First thanks to so many of you for the kind words about the “new” library. Much appreciated! In addition, thanks to those of you who have given us suggestions for improvement. The library is the community’s living room. We are made better by hearing from you.

This summer, displays and programs are driving interest in our collections. Throughout the library we have installed book and new materials displays to pique your interest. The new display wall in the non-fiction area and our Adult Summer Reading program have combined to increase checkout of adult non-fiction books by an average of +13% during the past three months. Our fantastic summer reading program for children has had even more impact, boosting kids and teen book circulation by over +20%.

The newly designed early learning area for kids 0-5 has also been a big attraction. Featuring a colorful custom learning sculpture, the area is crawling with little ones and their caregivers – especially after our weekly learning programs for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Come and bring your child or just pop-in and observe. It’s an inspiration to see kids start their education in the right way.

The library is now, more than ever, a place to read, research and study. We have increased seating for readers and computer users significantly. We have more public computers, a wireless bar for laptop users and pretty much every table is wired for your convenience. In addition, we have more comfortable chairs and more study tables. We have also upgraded our lighting so it’s easier to find what you need. And, new lighting is coming soon in the fiction stacks.

Come and see us. You won’t be disappointed.

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Library Closure and Move-Back

The library will close from May 13 – June 2, 2013 to move back to the newly remodeled library.  The library will reopen to the public on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 10:00 am. More »

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Remodel Update

The remodel of the main library accelerated in February and March and the change is dramatic.  Lovely maple cabinetry has been installed in the entry, creating a setting for a service desk, an express check out area and a new Friends of the Library bookstore.  An attractive wireless bar is being installed for computer users and the new children’s room entry is being framed in.

The newly exposed vaulted ceilings and statuesque fir columns continue to impress, defining a space that is full of natural light and reflective of the Pacific Northwest.  The northwest theme will be continued in a cedar trellis that will frame the customer service area.  The trellis features 66 handcrafted pieces of clear cedar, manufactured by Peter Wagner, who is donating his wood, time and efforts.

Resized Lounge AreaAn atrium-style lounge area with a view to a peaceful exterior landscape is almost complete – ready for patrons who seek a quiet place to read.  Furniture, shelving and display modules have been ordered and are expected to arrive in May.

In the meantime, we continue to serve an ever-growing clientele at the Temporary Library at 51 Colwell Street, Port Hadlock, across from Fiesta Jalisco and Circle and Square Auto Care.  Please drop by and see us.

Stay tuned for information on our Grand Opening in June.
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Bookmobile Garage Underway!

On February 20, the library remodel reached a significant milestone, when the slab for the brand new bookmobile garage was poured.  The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County is building the garage with a $30,000 cash and sweat-equity grant. It’s probably not widely known, but the bookmobile garage is a lynchpin of the entire remodel effort. 

By relocating the bookmobile garage from the present library building to a separate facility on the west side of the library property, approximately 400 square feet of public service space is freed up.  That space will be used for seating, computers, collections and study tables.
  The new garage will house the bookmobile and its 2,500-item collection in addition to serving as the location for Friends of the Library book storage and quarterly book sales.

BKMO Garage Pour 2Milt Morris, Rotary Club project director, has solicited several local businesses to underwrite and contribute in-kind services, which will keep the costs of the project manageable.  A hearty group of Rotarians has, so far, cleared vegetation, graded the site, built the footings and poured concrete for the 24'x 42' structure.

The East Jefferson Rotary Club deserves a big THANK YOU!  Their generosity has contributed to our expansion plans in a very meaningful way.

PS. The remodel of the main library is well underway and on-schedule. The target date for re-opening to the public is June 3, 2013.

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Library Remodel Progress

Director's Report by Ray Serebrin

The remodel of the main library building is well underway.  We have reached the point where one can look at the interior and begin to imagine the final result – a beautiful new space with an improved layout, redesigned seating space, more computers, new shelving, upgraded display of materials and revamped lighting and signage. More »

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Remodel News

The library is about to experience an interior remodel.  This project will result in a two-week closure and a move to a temporary location. This remodel is a BIG DEAL for our organization and for our public and we want to do our best to keep you informed.  Plans for reworking the entire floor plan are finalized and bids for the remodel have been advertised in the Leader newspaper and the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The remodel will provide improved layout of public areas, seating, computer access, display of materials, and upgraded lighting, carpet and paint.

We hate to close, but we must move out of the library to get it ready for the contractors.

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