To Infinity and Beyond: A Mathematician’s Viewpoint

Jun 7 Infinity and BeyondWednesday, June 7 At 6:30 pm

Leave your assumptions about the sizes of things at the door as Professor Mike Hitchman shares a mathematician’s view of the concept of infinity. Move swiftly and joyously from agreed upon definitions to the conclusion that infinity comes in different sizes, with deep, surprising results accessible to us all!

Mathematics professor Mike Hitchman joins us from Linfield College.  Born and raised in Olympia, Dr. Hitchman earned his doctorate from The University of Oregon, and he has taught at Linfield since 2009.  One of his favorite courses, which is aimed at humanities majors, offers a survey of “great ideas” in mathematics.  This course focuses on beautiful theorems in mathematics that are largely accessible to students without the need for much mathematical background.   The topic of infinity is especially popular in the course, and Dr. Hitchman is excited to share a mathematician’s view of infinity.