Family Art

Oct Fam Art Mythical Beast PuppetsSaturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm 

Taught by Sidonie Wilson, Family Art is designed for adults and children to create and explore a variety of art mediums together.  It starts with a demonstration and art conversation followed by creative work time. Space in these workshops is limited. Sign-up at the library, or call 360 385-6544 to register.

October 14 - Nature Spirit & Animal Masks
Convert recycled paper into 3D masquerade style masks using Nature’s bounty, and your imagination and creativity. Learn tricks of making paper take shape, then embellish with paint and found objects to make it come alive with mystery and magic.

November 4 - Islamic Art and Geometric Designs
Explore the basic principles of Islamic geometric design using samples and materials from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Create fascinating patterns and learn core techniques to make your own beautiful geometric art.

January 13 - Wycinanki– Fabulous Polish Folkart
Wycinanki ( vÄ­-chee non-key )is the Polish word for “paper-cut design”. Create your own wycinanki cutouts, which when unfolded, make an intricate repeated pattern.

February 10 - The HeART Rocks!
Make gorgeous heart designs on beach stones using dots and lines of different colors to create a perfect and unique Valentine.

March 3 - Palettes of the Masters: Vincent van Gogh
Paint alongside Vincent van Gogh.  Look closely at his paintings to see how he used color to express himself, then mix your own paints and experience how different palettes make us feel.

April 7 - Deep in the Woods Whimsical Puppets
Use upcycled cardboard tubes to create a whimsical animal puppet inspired by contemporary artist Christopher Corr’s book Deep in the Woods. Experiment with interesting ways to make tubes into animal and bird marionettes!