eBooks for Kindle now Available

Last week, Overdrive, the supplier we use to provide our eBooks, announced that customers can now download books to a Kindle from the Washington Anytime Library.   Almost all the eBooks in our collection can be used with Kindle devices or apps. 

The process is fairly straightforward.  First, go to the Washington Anytime Library and find the book you want, then select the Kindle version of the book and add that version to your cart.  You will then need to login with your barcode and pin#, if you have not already done so.

AmazonGetLibraryThe next step is to select either 14 or 21 days for the lending period and then click on Confirm Checkout.  There are no renewals on eBooks so be sure to select a period long enough to finish the book.  You can always return the book early.

Now the book is checked out to you.  Next, you need to transfer it to your Kindle.  Click the button, Get For Kindle.  This will take you to Amazon.  From this point on the process is almost identical to buying a book from Amazon, only the button reads Get Library Book instead of Buy Now.  Depending on what type of Kindle you have the book can be downloaded over a WiFi connection or saved to a computer and transferred through a USB connection.


Posted in Service, Technology by Daniel Heaton on Monday, September 26th 2:38pm

  • Angus
    Tuesday, September 27th 4:41pm
  • Thomas Redfield
    Saturday, December 17th 10:42am
    The Washington anytime library says my Jeffco library card number is invalid. Also I don\'t have a PIN
  • Daniel
    Monday, December 26th 3:17pm
    Thomas, You should contact the library circ desk, (360)385-6544 to check on your card. If you have not used your card in a couple of years you may not be in the system and we would need to issue a new card. Daniel
  • Leslie
    Monday, April 23rd 1:19pm
    I go through mtuliple ebooks per day on my smartphone while commuting to school. If I don\'t have to maintain a constant internet connection (for downloading pages god forbid; one by one from Google), I will happily rely on this service.Right now I download 2-3 books in the morning, and delete them in the evening. Keeping a list of everything I\'ve read could be simpler.Well, after checking out the link, it looks like I will have to use my fake identity within the USA to acquire any books