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Love CrimeLoveCrime

Kristen Scott Thomas and Ludvine Sagnier star in a twisted little French thriller about two women locked in perverse game of seduction and domination.  Scott Thomas, the top executive in a large multinational’s Paris office, manipulates rising star Sagnier to advance her own ambitions.  Sagnier, the eager apprentice, turns on her boss when her ideas are stolen.  At that point, director Alain Corneau, a veteran of police procedurals and workplace dramas, skillfully plays out scenarios of gamesmanship and humiliation, back and front-stabbing.  Vicious and fun.

Another EarthAnotherEarth

A new planet four times the size of the Moon appears in the sky.  Searching for it out her car window, a young woman (Brit Marling) causes a car crash, killing a mother and child and sending the father (William Mapother) into a coma and her to jail.  When he wakes up, she contrives to work as his house cleaner and they develop a fragile and uneasy relationship without him realizing who she is.  Marling makes an impressive debut and the film raises a bundle of questions about chance and intentionality.  Another Earth was named one of the top 10 independent films of the year by the National Board of Review.


Moneyball the movie isn’t much like the Michael Lewis’ book about baseball executive Billy Beane’s revolutionary rethinking of the game, but it is a great film (even if you are not a fan of baseball).  Moneyball recounts the remarkable change in fortunes enjoyed by the Oakland Athletics baseball team in 2002.  Short on funds and hit by the loss of key players, general manager, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), decides that radical action is needed – so he hires Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a tubby economics graduate who claims to have created a formula that can unearth strong players overlooked by other teams.  Pitt is at his best, Hill is his perfect foil and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the A’s manager is letter perfect.  This is an intelligent, fast paced and engaging movie.

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