The Kindle Decision


Some of you may have heard about Amazon’s recent decision to make Kindle books available for loan to library users. We are happy because this decision will allow us to offer downloadable eBooks to our customers who own Kindles. In addition, the library’s existing collection of over 1,600 eBooks will be available to Kindle owners.

Why is this a big deal? If you own a Kindle, you know. Up until now, the only source for contemporary Kindle content is Amazon’s proprietary pay-per-title model and the Kindle is the dominant player in the eReader market.

Actually, there was an interesting recent study by Forrester Research that reports that the most popular way to read an eBook is not what we might guess. According to the study, the Kindle actually comes in slightly behind laptop computers as the eBook platform of choice. More than 1/3 of those surveyed preferred laptops.

Laptops only slightly trumped the Kindle, 35 percent to 32 percent. Coming in third was the iPhone (15 percent), followed by a Sony eReader (12 percent), netbooks (10 percent) and the Barnes & Noble Nook (9 percent). Also at 9 percent was the iPad.

I don’t know if the Kindle decision moves us any closer to the holy grail of eReading – a single uniform platform for all eBooks, but it certainly allows us to serve our customers better and that’s what we most want to do.

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  • Savannah Blaze Lee
    Saturday, September 3rd 11:04am
    Actually Ray, that is awesome news! I don\'t read many eBooks myself, preferring to curl up at night with the archaic printed page, but I do have several written ON Kindle. And believe me when I say that learning how to do that was not easy, although their submission program is user-friendly, once you get the hang of the formatting. Amazon has been very good to me and the countless, \'unpublished\' authors who realize this is the wave of the future, as has this library. Thanks for the good words and let me know if I can facilitate this program in any way.
  • Sweets
    Wednesday, January 9th 7:13am
    May29gymsoccerkids I LOVE MY KINDLE! ONE OF THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS I HAVE EVER RECIEVED! I\'m not going to take it to school and have some sudncorel steal it. I would hunt them down!