El Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

For the past four years, Teen Librarian Sylvia Platt has spent a day on a date near Halloween with all the 6th graders at Chimacum Middle School teaching the students about the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This year the students had some sugary sweet fun in addition to learning some history.

Sugar Skulls 2014

Sylvia was joined by Monica van Loon, the Spanish teacher at Sunfield School, who is of Mexican descent. Monica could talk to the 6th graders with the knowledge from her first-hand cultural inheritance, and related the history of this holiday in Mexico. The two women worked with each 6th grade Chimacum Middle School Humanities class taught by Joni Langston, and for the first year, the students got to make and decorate a sugar skull. Working with the materials helped deepen the understanding of the holiday for the students, as well as providing a messy and fun art project!

The school librarian, Deborah Gilbreath, had prepared the students by asking them to write a paper to compare and contrast Halloween and Dia de los Muertos to deepen their understanding of the art project. 

If you'd like to know more about this project, you can contact Sylvia Platt at splatt@jclibrary.info


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Tech Tuesdays Continues in May

Bring your technology questions to Tech Tuesdays!  Each Tuesday we offer a two-part technology training session, beginning with a one-hour class on a specific technology subject from 3:00pm - 4:00pm.  Each class is followed by drop-in individual assistance between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, where you can get help on any technology topic. Bring your device or practice on laptops provided by the library.

Here's what's coming up in May:

May 6 - eBooks and eAudiobooks
Learn how to prepare your computer or device to enable downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks, and how to check-out and return the items you borrow.

May 13 - Computer Security for the Home User 
Learn about how to make your home computer and mobile devices more secure. This class will cover spyware, viruses, and other malware, and how to protect your devices from these threats.

May 20 - Novelist and Other Book-Finding Guides 
Don’t know what to read next? Have you finished reading all of your favorite author’s books and are looking for similar books? Try Novelist, a library database that holds information about authors, series, read-a-likes, and more. Want to find other book lovers who love to talk about them? Try Good Reads, a website dedicated to books and those who read them. Need some authoritative advice on which books are good and those that aren’t? Check out Book Lust, a book written by former Seattle librarian, Nancy Pearl.

May 27 - Microsoft PowerPoint 
This class will be an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, the program for preparing presentations and digital slide shows. Learn some of the basics of PowerPoint, and learn about additional resources for continuing your PowerPoint program education at home.

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Book Club Kit News & Tips on Starting Your Own Book Club

Have you ever finished reading a book and wished you could share your experience with someone that has read the same story? What story isn't better when shared? Forming a book reading group or book club is a great way to enrich our reading experience. Your library makes finding books for book clubs very simple by providing book club kits to our customers.

Book clubs can have a variety of functions and it's helpful to define the intention of the club to better serve club members. Some clubs have a social focus providing a common ground for regular meetings of the same members. Other groups meet simply for the joy of discussing specific authors or mutually agreed upon titles and are not intended to diverge into sharing personal life details.

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eBooks for Kindle now Available

Last week, Overdrive, the supplier we use to provide our eBooks, announced that customers can now download books to a Kindle from the Washington Anytime Library.   Almost all the eBooks in our collection can be used with Kindle devices or apps. 

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