Join us for Tech Tuesdays

Do you need help figuring out how to download ebooks, set up your Facebook page or create a Gmail account? Bring your technology questions to Tech Tuesdays!  Each Tuesday we offer a two-part technology training session, beginning with a one-hour class on a specific technology subject from 3:00pm - 4:00pm.  Each class is followed by drop-in individual assistance between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, where you can get help on any technology topic. Bring your device or practice on laptops provided by the library.                             

Here's what's coming up:

March 25 – Apps
Come join us as we share some of our favorite Apple and Android apps and let us hear about your favorite app.
April 1 – eBooks and eAudiobooks
Discover the various titles of eBooks and eAudiobooks available through your library.  Learn how to prepare your computer or device to enable downloading of the titles you wish to read, and how to check-out and return the books you borrow.
April 8 – Jefferson County Library Online
Learn how to use the free Library Elf program which will alert you when your books are due and can assist you in tracking multiple accounts. If you would like to reduce paper waste, learn how to choose an eReceipt instead of a paper receipt. Want to track what you have read? We will show you how to track your reading history within your library account.  Learn how to set-up a saved search so you will know when the library has purchased a new book on a specific topic you wish to read.  We will cover these topics and more about online services for managing your library account.   
April 15 – Introduction to Microsoft Excel
In this class we will provide a brief introduction to Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and has been a popular spreadsheet program since 1993 replacing Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets. We will also direct students how to access resources for continuing your Excel program education at home.
April 22 – Introduction to Facebook
What is Facebook and how does it work? In this class we will show you how to set up your Facebook profile, with appropriate privacy settings to serve your goals within the Facebook privacy policy. We will demonstrate how you can find friends and begin to share. Find out the difference between your news feed and timeline, and how to create photo albums.
April 29 – Gmail and other Google Services
There is more to your Google account than just email.  In this class we will explore the range of services available from Google, including; online storage, video chats and Google Docs. Discover the variety of services available through your Gmail account.

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Having trouble viewing our Catalog with Internet Explorer 11?

If you've recently upgraded your PC's browser to Internet Explorer 11, or if your PC is set for automatic updates, you may find yourself suddenly seeing the mobile version of our online catalog.  Here are some easy steps to help you fix the problem.  Be sure to open your browser to the Library's Catalog to begin.
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eBooks for Kindle now Available

Last week, Overdrive, the supplier we use to provide our eBooks, announced that customers can now download books to a Kindle from the Washington Anytime Library.   Almost all the eBooks in our collection can be used with Kindle devices or apps. 

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E-readers and eBooks

Lately I have seen a lot more E-readers in use at the library. It seems to be quite a mix of Sony readers, Nooks (both color and e-ink), IPads, Literati, and the occasional Android or IPhone. Each of these E-readers will work with the books available on Washington Anytime Library. The Android and IPhones as well as the IPad all require downloading an Overdrive App to the device. All the other E-readers will require downloading Adobe Digital Editions to your computer before you download and transfer books from your computer to your E-reader.

Here are a couple of tips for using your E-reader with the Washington Anytime Library.  First, there is currently a selection of 1,248 eBooks, with more being added monthly. Of that collection it is not unusual to have 75% of them checked out at any given time. To find those titles that are immediately available you can do an advanced search, select EPUB eBook as the format, and check the box next to “only show copies with titles available.”

The second tip, if you are interested in reading classics you can access over 15,000 of the public domain books that are made available by Project Gutenberg.  These include works by such authors as Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Marry Shelly and Alfred Tennyson.  If you are looking at the Washington Anytime Library site, on the lower left side of the page is a link to additional eBooks. These books do not show up in the standard search so will have to be looked for separately.

If you would be interested sharing your experience or tips with the E-readers, or eBooks, leave a reply.

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New Phone App for Downloadable Books

Great news for those of you who would like to use MP3 audiobooks or Ebooks directly on your phone devices!  Overdrive has just released an IPhone and an Android app for downloading titles from the Washington Anytime Library directly to your device.  Below is the press release from Overdrive about their new app. You can find download instructions here, just choose your mobile device from the right hand side of the page.


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Answers to your Playaway questions.  Here are the three most common questions that I am receiving about Playaways. 

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Let ELF Keep Track of What You Have Checked Out

Elf is a web-based and email tool for library users to keep track of their library borrowings.  Elf is like a personal assistant, whose task is to help with keeping track of what one has on loan from the library. More »

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Download Books Today

With the Anytime Library you can download media 24/7.  Your library is always open! Get started with a Guided Tour or our Quick-Start Guide. More »

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Books for electronic readers are now available through the Washington Anytime Library.  You can access the Washington Anytime Library through the Jefferson County Library website.  Downloadable items can also be found by searching the library catalog.  If you see [Downloadable Ebook] after the title that is one of the books that can be read on a Sony Reader or Barnes and Noble Nook. 


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