Confessions of a Book Junkie

A round of applause rose from the audience of 250 people who gathered Tuesday night for the Huntingford Humanities Lecture, when they heard that Mary Doria Russell's latest novel, Doc, had been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  What was your favorite moment?

After a humorous opening, recounting the authors who got her "hooked" as a book junkie, she described how she became inspired to write Doc, her novel about John Henry Holliday, otherwise known as Doc Holliday.

In her talk, she noted some of her favorite authors, including Dorothy Dunnett, who led her to become a writer herself, as well as Robert Hellenga and Karen Joy Fowler, of whom she said, "If you held a gun to her head and asked her to write a bad sentence, you'd have to shoot."  She also noted that one her favorite new titles is Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff.  Titles by all these authors are available from the C.L.A.N. catalog.

Posted in General by Meredith Wagner on Wednesday, October 12th 11:55am

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