Stories from Standing Rock

May 17_Standing RockWednesday, May 17 at 6:30 pm 

Hear stories about personal experiences at Standing Rock from local community members: Terry DuBeau, Jennimae Hillyard, Sabrina McQuillen, and Gary Buckman. All four presenters traveled to Standing Rock this past fall and winter. 
Hillyard created the Facebook page Pacific Northwest Standing Rock Support last August to raise awareness of the pipeline issue locally. DuBeau was at Standing Rock for 100 days. She and others drove a 16 foot Penske truck full of donations from the Jamestown S'Klallam tribe. Sabrina McQuillen Hill and her two children, Scott (age 7) and Mary (age 3), visited Standing Rock in November with the Pacific Northwest Caravan to support the Water Protectors through prayer and serving meals. Sabrina is a Makah tribal member living in Port Townsend. Gary Buckman is a Lakota from Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and a member of the AIM movement. He and his wife Hannah are the owners of Big Wolf Trading Company, which has been open for the past 6 years in downtown Port Townsend. They spent time in October at Standing Rock with Wild Oglala camp.