Calendar of Events

Wednesday, July 9th 2:00pm

Science Café: Science in Paradise

Using Science in the National Parks.  Jerry Freilich—Research Coordinator for Olympic National Park and Director of the Nor... More »
Thursday, July 10th 2:00pm

Rescued Raptors

Observe owls and other raptors up close!  Cynthia Daily, Director of the Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue, will bring several species,... More »
Wednesday, July 16th 2:00pm

Science Café: The Science of Great Cooking

Arran Stark—Jefferson Healthcare.  Adults and teens welcome. More »
Thursday, July 17th 1:00pm

Burke Mobile!

The Burke Museum is coming to Chimacum Elementary School Multi-purpose Room!  Education from the Burke Museum will bring real... More »
Tuesday, July 22nd 6:30pm

Alex Zerbe: Physical Comedian

Meet “zaniac” Alex Zerbe, action comedian and juggler extraordinaire.  Alex is so much fun that his show will take place... More »
Wednesday, July 23rd 2:00pm

Science Café: Sustainable Building and Living

Ann Raab from GreenPod Intelligent Environments will discuss Sustainable Building, Sustainable Lifestyles, and Preparing for the Future. ... More »
Thursday, July 24th 1:00pm

Makerspace Workshop

A makerspace is place where people gather together to make or create things. Join us, alone or on a team, to get started on one of the th... More »
Wednesday, July 30th 2:00pm

Science Café: Robotics

Robotics with Austin Henry.  Adults and teens welcome. More »